Fiscal Electronic Signature Devices

Casio Electronic Signature Devices are the No. 1 tax verification devices used in the Greek market, with over 30,000 installations in Greek companies. They are a highly reliable Type A solution which does not bind the firm with respect to selection or upgrade of commercial applications.
  • Casio FP-700

    Speed 15 lines/sec, 24 char/line Paper width: 57mm USB port, 2100 markings /day,1800 Ζ
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The software supports E.A.F.D.S.S. [Special Secure Fiscal Devices for Record Signing]. Signature Processor 2 incorporates all the necessary changes arising as a result of Ministerial Resolution POL 1221, ensuring businesses of a smooth transition to the new system. Works with all applications that are used to issue tax data, without requiring any upgrade or modifications (Type A).
  • Signature Processor 2

    Compatible with Fiscal Electronic Signature Devices Proline 650, 750 και Casio FP-500, FP-600, FP-700
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