services oneThe provision of high quality services is the core of our business. In combination with the products we import and the applications we develop, we provide solutions which respond to the needs of our customers, giving them increased efficiency, effective reduction of costs and a high return on their investment.

Our aim is to provide direct and effective technical support to our customers, achieved through excellent organization, expert training, extensive experience and the constant commitment to responsible service of all the people at CPI.

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Why choose CPI?

CPI’s investment in the services provision sector has created the necessary infrastructure and mechanisms for us to undertake major projects in the public and private sector, with great success.

  • Human resources

The versatile technical department at CPI consists of highly skilled technicians with international accreditation from various major computer companies, including: Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, EMC, HP, Acer, Olivetti, OKI, Sharp. People are our greatest investment and their training is a continuous process.

  • Call Center

This is the first level of customer support. Handling of customer inquiries follows strict procedures, while each individual case receives the flexible treatment it deserves. Our call center enables call recording and preparation of statistical reports, so that we are able to monitor and ensure excellent customer service within the optimum time.

  • Help Desk

The Help Desk technicians are specialized in CPI products and provide a service for both our customers and our partners, either giving instructions by phone or remote interfacing, where this is possible.

  • Spare parts inventory and test laboratories

CPI also maintains inventory warehousing facilities on its premises, allowing us to directly cover the needs of our contracted clients and simultaneously manage associated logistics costs. We also have specially designed lab facilities, where we can carry out tests of the solutions we propose for our clients, thus ensuring that we can offer optimal functional designs for the ideal solution.

  • National coverage

CPI provides services to a nationwide network of customers. This is achieved through our branch in Thessaloniki, and a network of 120 authorized partners.

We provide our authorized technical partners with ongoing training to ensure that they not only keep pace with the latest developments, but also continue to meet the high quality standards set by CPI, which are guaranteed by the ISO 9001:2008 certification we hold.