Digitization & Document Management

o[pageThe management of information is an important part of the daily workflow and functions of a modern enterprise.

By assigning digitization services and document management to CPI, central information management becomes more efficient, enabling you to focus on the core activities of your business.

Bundled Services

CPI offers a complete package of services which includes:

  • Needs and current situation assessments
  • Project planning & design
  • Digitization of historical and current file archives
  • Digitization of books & records
  • Installation and configuration of document archiving software
  • Migration of digitized documents and information to the central document filing system
  • Technical support and equipment maintenance
  • User Training

Who are our target markets?

Indicated markets

  • Public Sector Organisations, Utility Companies
  • Banks, Insurance Companies, Law Firms
  • Commercial companies, Long Term Leasing companies

Indicated Company Departments

  • Sales: Client database management
  • Accounting: Cheques, statements and invoices
  • Administrative Support: Contact Listings
  • Human resources:Employee record management

Benefits for the company

Increased productivity and reduced costs.

Digital documents can be located very quickly. This reduces the time spent searching and retrieving documents, increases productivity and reduces operating costs.

Reduction of storage space

Digital documents require 98% less storage space.

Elimination of risk of loss and damage to important documents

Low investment costs

It won’t be necessary to purchase any expensive equipment, or to take up too much of your employees’ time.

CPI has all the necessary equipment and manpower to complete the project within the time you specify.

Advanced technology

High Tech Digitization

CPI, as a supplier of specialized digitization and document management products, achieves high productivity at very low cost. Specifically, in our projects we use the latest versions of the following products:

  • Atiz Book Scanner
  • Kodak Document Scanners
  • eDoc Document Capture Platform
  • ABBYY Finereader OCR