IMAC Services

Services known as “IMAC” (Install, Move, Add, Change) include installations, transportation and relocation, additions, alterations and upgrades of computer equipment. They extend to any equipment hardware (printers, PCs, scanners, servers, etc.) of most manufacturers, as well as operating system software.

IMAC services are directed at companies and organizations which are:

  • Moving offices to a new site
  • Changing workstations within the company
  • Installing new hardware or software
  • Upgrading hardware or software

IMAC services do not end with the execution and delivery of the project. From the moment CPI technical staff take on the task, they will ensure full integration of the solution provided within the day to day running of your business. To this end, when installation is completed, the CPI technical department will issue certification of good installation and operation, which includes a detailed report on the work carried out. Furthermore, user and/or IT department training will be provided as appropriate.

Why should a company outsource IMAC services?

  • If it does not have an IT department
  • So that the IT department is not overloaded with work which might distract from its main responsibilities
  • To ensure the collaboration of technical personnel with appropriate expertise in each case
  • To implement the solution within the shortest possible time
  • To make total costs smaller and better controlled in comparison with the undertaking of a project by a non-specialised IT department