Support Contracts

At CPI we provide services to our customers and partners, through support and project-based contracts. Depending upon their requirements, clients may choose technical support (on-site or in-house) with specified conditions pertaining to response times and fault resolution, labour and parts coverage, nationwide coverage, and indeed any other terms they may wish to incorporate when establishing an agreement with our company.

One important advantage is our extensive experience in the management of contracts relating to the provision of comprehensive management services for consumables and technical support equipment, with over 5,000 active contracts in the market administered using predetermined Service Level Agreements (SLA).

Contract Types

Technical support

This covers the maintenance and repair of equipment at the customer’s premises or at CPI’s facilities. The response times vary depending on the contract, from 2 hours to 24 hours (next business day), or sometimes 48 hours. The job is undertaken either during working hours or on a 24/7 basis, depending on the type of contract.

Telephone Support

This includes customer support for faults and system upgrades provided by qualified technical staff. CPI provides a telephone support service to all our customers (whether under the terms of a contract or not) with an average response time of two (2) hours. A contract ensures call priority and response within the times specified in the contract.

Remote intervention

This contract ensures customer support without  necessarily requiring the presence of the technician on site. The nature of this service makes it flexible in terms of response times, and it is used in the case of support for third-party manufacturers’ products, IP telephony solutions, solution-focused problem resolution, as well as digitization and document management services.

Prepaid hours

CPI has responded to the growing trend and market need for the outsourcing of IT services

The customer prepays for hours of technical support which he “consumes” whenever required within a 12 month period. This flexibility offers the company reduced IT service costs. There are various prepaid hours packages depending on the level of work
required (Junior/Senior/Expert). The customer secures a response from a technician within 4 hours or the next day, depending on the contract requested, and at preferential prices. The customer also receives a report at the end of each month regarding use of the package, and the remaining time available.