Vision and values


Our vision is to support human activities in the modern digital age, adding value to society through the IT market.


We respect our suppliers.

We view our suppliers as strategic partners with whom we share the vision they have for their products, and whom we enable to develop their brand within the Greek market. Our suppliers see us essentially as a subsidiary cost factor, since they themselves will not need to invest directly in the Greek market.

We value our affiliates

Our IT affiliate network is a critically important channel for product promotion. The added value of our solutions contributes to increased profitability for our business partner affiliate. We provide product and market information, both before and after sales support, including during installation, and we also ensure the direct delivery of orders, thus reducing inventory storage costs for our partners.

We invest in our partners

On-going training of both our employees and our affiliates in products, technologies and techniques is a strategic investment which we make in order to improve the knowledge and skills of us all. This sustained effort towards development of expertise is reflected by the fact that 3% of our overhead costs go towards staff training.

We provide support

To support these partnerships we  have organized our commercial and technical department in accordance with the “purchasing behavior” standards of our customers, allocated as follows:

Sales Network Division, working with and serving the company’s nationwide distribution network

Printing Projects Sales & Services Division, working with major private and public organizations, serving their specific needs

Marketing Division, working with overseas suppliers, planning product promotions through marketing campaigns or pre-sale activities

Technical Support Division, where a state of the art department responds to calls and provides services to customers throughout Greece